about "MAGGIA"

Founded as a textile maker, specialized
in wool processing, in Biella in Italy in 1780.

With a variety of European luxury brands
as a client, Maggia has continued their business over 240 years and are nowadays
recognized as a unique fabric maker in the world.

Entering sport business in 1970’s, Maggia collected a sponsorship contract with famous tennis players, which pulled up Maggia to one of the best Italian sport brands. In Japan, polo-shirts with the original “M”trademark was often featured in fashion magazines and became popular in 1970’~80’s.

After 40 years since then,in 2022 Maggia is finally back to sport business with a new golf collection in Japan ahead of the world. The collection is refined and modern with functional fabric and pattern making.



 2022年より再びスポーツビジネスに参入。日本国内では世界に先駆けゴルフコレクションを発表。70 ~ 80年代のイタリアンスポーツから着想を得たデザインや、機能的なテキスタイルをミックスさせた上品でレトロモダンなコレクション。